Viktorija Paulionienė

Victoria’s principal creative activities are painting, interior decorating, and working with felt.  She graduated from Vilnius Art Academy with a major in painting, then completed a year-long interior and landscape design course at the International School of Design in Moscow.

The  review of Victoria’s graduate work noted that "Victoria represents the classical Lithuanian school of painting. Her work is marked by subtle, nuanced, silvery-grayish colors, distinctive manner of brushstrokes, complementary layers of velvety bristled texture, decorative general drawing, and a lyrical melancholy mood."

Her group exhibitions include the gallery "Academy" in 2003 and the Russian Art gallery in 2005.  Her personal exhibitions include the café-gallery “Art” in 2004, the Polish House of Culture in 2004, and the Russian Art gallery in 2006.

Although Victoria majored in painting at the  Vilnius Art Academy she has  always been fascinated by texture and color, by the tactile. Four years ago she became interested in felt making, more specifically the nuno - felt technique. How nice, she thought, this could also be a "picture" but it is gentle and warm, and something that you can wrap yourself in! At first, she decided to try several wet felting techniques, but most of all she was impressed by the nuno - felt technique. It seemed unlikely that silk and wool can blend so well! And how much potential lies in this technique! Since 2010 she has been felting scarves, shawls, and veils using the nuno - felt and plain techniques, as well as wrist warmers, gloves and even pictures. Recently she started to felt clothes: jackets, ponchos, vests, and coats. Since 2012 she has taught plain and nuno - felt technique courses in her studio. In order to improve her skills she constantly participates in different felting workshops and seminars as well as organizing seminars herself in Vilnius for other fullers (including fullers from abroad). Since 2010 she has participated in fairs in Lithuania and Latvia. In 2013 she became a member of the Lithuanian Felt Craft Guild.

Please visit Victoria’s gallery and you can see for yourself, and maybe acquire some felt articles which are the result of her ideas, patience and handiwork.  Also you can see and acquire her felt works (shawls, veils, scarves and clothing) online at and