Silk painting

These classes are designed for people who are interested in art and want to create something themselves. If you want to take a break from the routine, creatively spend time in a pleasant environment, and have a chat with people of similar interests over a cup of coffee, we invite you to our workshops. Here you can learn batik, silk painting and dyeing techniques, and also create compositions to decorate your home, and make unforgettable gifts for your loved ones and friends.

Classes for beginners are organized for small groups (up to 6 people) or individuals by pre-registration. High school students and seniors receive a 10 % discount.

Classes: four 3 hour sessions or six 2 hours sessions. 240 Lt (materials included in the price).

Individual 3 hour lesson  50 Lt + price of the materials (time by agreement)Gift certificates or “express” lesson. 100 Lt / 4 hours (including materials and coating on sub frame).

For 7 year  old children we offer  silk painting of little “stain glasses”. It is an uncomplicated and fun activity and parents are welcome to join. Duration 1.5 - 2 hours . Price:  of round 30 cm. “stained glass” – 40 Lt.

Master classes (painting on silk and batik). Taught by a professional artist from Minsk, Alla Sviridenko . The artist uses all her skills and experience, acquired in her creative work, in the pedagogical process. Alla’s and her students' work combine fantasy and excellent technique.

Master classes are held once a month, if enough people register for the group. Price: 80 Lt for four hours + materials (15-30 Lt ).

Scarf and scarves dyed in shibori technique. This is a quick way to create a wonderful gift for your friends or a stylish accessory for yourself. Shibori fabric dyeing is often confused with batik. Batik wax techniques or other spreading components are not used for the shibori technique. Using shibori, dyeing patterns are created by twisting, bending, pressing, stitching and tying the fabric. The result is an interesting and unique handmade fabric. One never knows the result until the fabric is dyed and untied.  Shibori, like many other Japanese arts, is based on intuition and chance. You can choose a silk (Pongee 5) scarf of either 90x90 cm or 180x45 cm. Duration: 1-2 hours (depending on the number of people). Price: 50 Lt/person, group of 2-5 people – 46 Lt per person, 6-10 people – 42 Lt per person. Here you can purchase gift certificates for the classes.


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